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A little bit of Blantant Self Promotion

Hello may name is Mat and I’m a geek.

No, not just an Indians geek, or a baseball geek.

I am a computer geek also.

Even worse, I am an Open Source computer geek.  My geek-ness is off the scale.  Not only do I know what UFIA means, I have had a beer with the guy who runs the website that makes if famous.

Today was a doubleheader for me.  Not only has Internet space been wasted on me on for a Spheriod  but I also had an article published on another website about a website I am developing.

Play Ball: Introducing Fungoes, in typo-rific fashion was published by the good folks at The Linux Journal

Trust me, I am strutting around like I just hit a walk off home run to win the Indians the World Series!