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Yea, Yea, I’ve been away

Yep, I have been away and not posting.  Things get left behind sometimes, but at least I finally finished my taxes.

Giving blood to pay for what I still owed took a lot out of me, I didn’t have the strength to post.  The performance of the Indians has very inspiring either.

Of course Scott Sauerbeck has made things a bit interesting the past few days.  Ahh the good old days of running through the bushes after throwing a few back with my favorite gal.

Those were the days.

To be honest I can’t wait to hear the explanation for this, after it comes out.  This has to be pretty good.  Married men though out Northeast Ohio are waiting with anticipation for a new excuse they can try and use.

Former Tribe farm hand, Paul Gleason, passed away recently.  Signed in 1959 out of high school by scout Spud Chandler, Paul bounced around the lower minors for a few years, ending up in the Red Sox farm system.  He left baseball to play football at Florida State University.  But sports didn’t seem to be his thing, and after watching a movie with his friend, a man that himself would be immortalized in the Baseball Hall of Fame, Jack Kerouac he decided to try his fancy at acting .  Some successful athletes become bad actors (Hi Shaw!) so I guess a failed athlete can become a successful actor.

Most remembered, and quoted, as Principal Richard Vernon from Breakfast Club he was also the befuddled Police Chief in Die Hard.  He starred in many movies and used his football training to play a ***** coach and agent in the Anthony Michael Hall vehicle, Johnny Be Good.   He apparently made the right choice.

Former Tribe hand, Paul Gleason, you’ll be missed.