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Happy Birthday!

(Am I the only person that thinks for Frosty the Snowman when they say Happy Birthday)

[The Blogs at MLB dot Dom make it to year one.  Where are the boom-booms, you knif? (Old Cleveland reference there! — I am such a homer!)  Okay maybe the sheer impact of mlblogging is lost on the rest of the US (unlike my birthday where every city has boom-booms, people get the day off, heck the whole country celebrates it!).]

From Henry Chadwick working on box scores to describe the game better, Jim Bouton “blogging” about a year in baseball, or George Plimpton telling us about some french horn player, baseball and the written word have held a rather unique bond.  The significance of mlblogs.com was not lost on me (just gave away my answer to question one there) and it has been interesting to take in what was been written in the past year, even when I have been less than active in contributing.

(Putting on my Indians top hat) . . .
Happy Birthday, mlblogs.com