Your Milwaukee Indians

Most people remember that Milwaukee County Stadium was the stunt double for Municipal Stadium for the movie Major League. Since then, Milwaukee as become a National League team. Milwaukee County Stadium was replaced with Miller Park and Municipal Stadium was replaced with Jacobs Field.

Almost like magic, when Major League (Wild Thing Edition w/Turf Cover), special DVD edition is released the Indians played a home game in Milwaukee. Interesting how things work out.

The Indians pulled out a 7-6 victory against the Angels, with backup catcher Kelly Shoppach, who also homered in the game, gunning down Erick Aybar trying to steal second to end the game.

Looking through the data from Retrosheet, the caught stealing to end the game was the 98th time it has happened since 1957. The third time the Indians have been involved in such a game, and the FIRST time the Indians were on the winning end.

Game Ending Caught Stealing involving the Indians from 1957-1998,2000-2006.  Data from Retrosheet

gamied visiting_team home_score vis_score
BAL196807240 CLE 1 0
DET199809050 CLE 4 5

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