Looking forward to not looking back

</p> <p><p><p>Looking forward to not looking back</p></p></p> <p>

Good Grief!

We lost two of three to the Royals.  The Indians have a losing record against the Royals?  This is why Cleveland has some of the best microbreweries around, Tribe fans need a good tonic to calm the nerves or try to wash away the memories.

[PSA:  Please drink responsibility.]

I search long and hard for something witty to say about the situation.  It is Poetry Month.  There must be some wisdom one of Americas wordsmiths has penned for such an occasion.

No such luck. 

So I guess I will have to force myself to get some good old Cleveland thinking juice sit outside and look sad, sullen and yet inviting.  Perhaps some lost TribeChick will inspire me to pen a "We lost two of three to the Royals!" poem of despair, hope, and pride.  Words giving voice to chats from the shores of Lake Erie was a battle cry for all Tribe fans!  Words that can inspire the players lucky enough to wear the American colors of the Cleveland Indians — getting into a Bill Murry in Meatballs flurry of B.S. here —  to turn this memory into the starting point of a championship season we cannot believe!  Words that would bring tears to the eyes of generations past, present and future.   An anthem for this year, next year and championships to come.

Of course, maybe she will just buy me a beer and feel me up.

Either way is cool.

Two out of three, lost to the Royals.


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